How we turn away blessings from God

HOW WE PUSH AWAY BLESSINGS. That is the topic we are covering today, and it's one that is at the center of my heart. God is merciful. God is good. God is loving, and God WANTS to bless us. Yet, we sometimes feel that God is distant or that answers to our problems aren't coming. Sometimes this is because there is something we need to learn, or timing needs to be worked out, or that we aren't quite ready for the answer juuuuussst yet. But sometimes we get in the way of our own blessings. We don't mean to but if we aren't careful we can overlook answers to our prayers right in front of us. One way we do this is when we don't listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. These are moments when we

Making General Conference a Joy

What is it about General Conference that feels like a holiday? Maybe it’s because it’s like going to church in your pajamas. Maybe it’s because we get to delay Fast Sunday one more week. Or maybe it is just because we get to hear from the Lord’s living mouthpiece on Earth today. With all of the reasons we love Conference so evident, it’s easy to understand why the word that keeps coming to my mind when I think of the upcoming week is JOY. And letzbereal JOY is my word and my theme for most everything but it seems especially true about this weekend. It’s important to realize though that not every General Conference has been pure joy. Not because of anything the speakers said, but because of w

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