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What to do when your life sucks

Let's get real about what to do when your life sucks. That is a strong statement but we have all been there when life is not going according to plan and we aren't really happy right now!


In the video below I'm talking about 5 tips to try and I want to share 1 of them with your now:


We are what we settle for, so raise your standards.

How do you do that? You demand more of yourself in that area. A little example: Most of us have a number in our heads of our "max weight". Once we hit that number we really start to cut back, eat right and exercise until we fall back into the weight range we are happy with.

So instead of waiting to gain 10 pounds, maybe you raise that standard to always being in that happy weight range NO MATTER WHAT.

It will take some discipline, focus and effort. ALL GOOD THINGS!

What areas of your life do you want to raise your standards in? I would challenge you this week to find one area to raise your personal standards for living and go from there.

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