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YouTuber, certified life coach and motivational speaker 

If you are looking for your next speaker to inspire and move your audience, I am your girl! My mission is to teach Christian women who they are, where they are going and how to get there. 

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"I went to one of Abbi's conferences and I loved it so much I wanted her to come and speak to my co-workers. So I talked to HR and got her to come present to work. Abbi came and was able to adjust her talk to fit our work and she talked about setting goals and using time wisely. It was so nice and the staff talked about it for days!"

-Angie Bareno, Big D Construction Manager 

"Abbi did such an amazing presentation for our young women at our Young Women in Excellence night. She was confident, professional and I felt so inspired! I ended up learning as much or more than the young women!"              -Rebecca Findlay, Young Women Leader

"Why are you not president yet, like? GIRL, YOU'RE SUCH AN INSPIRATION." 

-Alexandra Pav, Young Women attendee 

"It's obvious she is passionate about helping others. I learned a lot about dealing with the overwhelming feelings in my life."

-Shane Fraizer, Elevate conference attendee 

"Abbi is an inspiration and my personal Brene Brown! Last summer I attended a women's conference she spoke at and WOW. I walked away, not only just feeling better like 'I did something inspiration', I've actually done the things she said to do and applied them to my life and since then I've really been able to soak in moments rather than being so absorbed in 'what will everyone else think?'. That is just the beginning of what she has to offer! You would be CRAZY not to reach out to her or even just follow her." 

-Bree Taylor, Elevate conference attendee

Women's Conferences

Faith-Based Gatherings

Youth Groups and Schools

Speaking topics:

My mission is to help young women figure out who they are, where they are going and how to get there. The aim of all of my speeches is to motivate, inspire and leave you feeling empowered to create more joy in your life. 


Trading Away Perfection: Breaking the "Almost" Perfect Myth

Keynote Title

No one is perfect. We all know this, but somewhere deep in our hearts, we get this idea that we can almost be perfect. And this thought makes us feel really good until we make a mistake. Then we hold onto the belief that had we just done something differently, hadn't done something, been better, smarter or stronger that we really could have been someone special. We buy into the lie that had we not made a mistake (or many) that we really could have been happier or a better wife/mom/sister or at least a better human. My speech teaches the truth that we are all wired for imperfection and when we can break our own myth of being almost perfect we open our lives up to so much joy. 


1. Identify your core beliefs about who you are

2. Letting go of limiting beliefs about your worthiness for good things

3. Strengthened faith and peace of mind

Workshops/Breakout Sessions:

Life without overwhelm: Adding more to your life without the overwhelm

Workshop Title

Most of us spend waaaaaay too much time being stressed, overloaded and overwhelmed. Somewhere between trying to take the perfect Instagram photo, making dinner, be a self-caring, yoga-going, shiplap-installing woman we forgot about our own happiness and long-term joy. This workshop is for women of all ages that want to add more to their life (more joy, happiness, and peace) but without the overwhelm. 


1. Identify your day and it's breakout of emotions 

2. Looking at control of your life in a whole new way 

3. Finding the balance between where you are and where you want to be

4. Understanding how to invite more joy into your life

Art, History, and Men: The REAL lessons you need to get mentally, spiritually, and physically ready for the best school year of your life. 

Workshop Title

Whether you are entering high school as a freshman or senior, getting ready for a new school year can be daunting and requires more work than just picking out that amazing first-day outfit. This workshop is chock-full of lessons for real life that will help any youth experience high school to the fullest while staying grounded in what matters most. Full of humor and a little tough love, these lessons on fitting in, navigating change, and finding yourself leave youth energized and parents grateful. 


1. How to set yourself up for academic and social success

2. Taking breakups, C- reports, and screw-ups with grace and dignity  

3. Learning to stay true to who you are in a peer-dictated world 

Goals, God and You: Matching your plan for an amazing life to God's.

Workshop Title

Goal setting is a powerful tool we can use to transform our lives, but how can you know if the goals you are setting are right for you and are in line with the mission God has for you? In this workshop, I share the secrets to learning how to set up your goals for success, how to tie them back to God's plan for you and how to achieve your goals even faster with three tools: personal revelation, personal obedience, and personal development. Highly entertaining, interactive, and full of stories that your audience will remember for a lifetime. 


1. How to set life-long and year-long goals

2. The simple and yet effective way to set up a goal strategy 

3. How to connect your plan for an amazing life to what God has in store for you

4. Understand how to love the journey of personal development 

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