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YouTuber, certified life coach and motivational speaker 

If you are looking for your next speaker to inspire and move your audience, I am your girl! My mission is to remind young women who they are, where they are going and how to get there. 

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"I went to one of Abbi's conferences and I loved it so much I wanted her to come and speak to my co-workers. So I talked to HR and got her to come present to work. Abbi came and was able to adjust her talk to fit our work and she talked about setting goals and using time wisely. It was so nice and the staff talked about it for days!"

-Angie Bareno, Big D Construction Manager 

"Abbi did such an amazing presentation for our young women at our Young Women in Excellence night. She was confident, professional and I felt so inspired! I ended up learning as much or more than the young women!"              -Rebecca Findlay, Young Women Leader

"Why are you not president yet, like? GIRL, YOU'RE SUCH AN INSPIRATION." 

-Alexandra Pav, Young Women attendee 

"It's obvious she is passionate about helping others. I learned a lot about dealing with the overwhelming feelings in my life."

-Shane Fraizer, Elevate conference attendee 

"Abbi is an inspiration and my personal Brene Brown! Last summer I attended a women's conference she spoke at and WOW. I walked away, not only just feeling better like 'I did something inspiration', I've actually done the things she said to do and applied them to my life and since then I've really been able to soak in moments rather than being so absorbed in 'what will everyone else think?'. That is just the beginning of what she has to offer! You would be CRAZY not to reach out to her or even just follow her." 

-Bree Taylor, Elevate conference attendee

Women's Conferences

Faith-Based Gatherings

Youth Groups and Schools

Speaking topics:

My mission is to help young women figure out who they are, where they are going, and how to get there. The aim of all of my speeches is to motivate, inspire and leave you feeling empowered to create more joy in your life. 

Keynote/Breakout Sessions:

Watering the roots of your own self-esteem

Topic: self-esteem, confidence

Audience: teen girls, ages 10-19


1. Identify the 3 parts of your own self-esteem

2. Change the way teens seen themselves on a daily level

3. Create a place of love and belonging for yourself and others 

4. Walk away with actionable tools to help build healthy self-esteem 

7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school, and relationships with friends and family members ( Low self-esteem is a plague facing our teens today and the majority of them don't know what to do about it. In this workshop, I break down the three areas of self-esteem and teach actionable steps to nurture each part of your teen's blooming


Early Dating: Finding Your OMEGA Weapon

Topic: dating, standards

Audience: teen girls, ages 16+ 


1. Learn 3 dating secrets that will help your teen in all their relationships (romantic or not)

2. Create a "Dating Plan" 

3. Understand the value of time, attention and affection. 

Dating and forming relationships as a teenager can either be exhilarating or devastating. And while teens should date and build these relationships, most don't know how or even what a healthy relationship looks like. The goal of relationships in high school should be to have fun, learn about oneself and establish dating habits that will lead to long-term happiness. Full of humor, this workshop covers hard topics in delightful ways. 

Designing Your Best School Year Ever

Topic: back-to-school, friends, peer pressure, goals, kindness

Audience: teen girls, 11-20


1. How to set yourself up for academic and social success

2. Create a road map for the new school year based on actionable goals

3. Learning to own up to your true value and really "seeing" others 

Whether you are entering high school as a freshman or senior, getting ready for a new school year can be daunting and requires more work than just picking out that amazing first-day outfit. This workshop is full of lessons for real life that will help any youth experience school to the fullest while staying grounded in what matters most. Full of humor and a little tough love, these lessons on fitting in, navigating change, and finding yourself leave youth energized and parents grateful. 

Topic: support, structure and cheerleading techniques

Audience: parents, mentors and teen advocates 


1. Identify ways to help your teen in vital areas of self-esteem, goal setting, and adulting

2. Understand your power to influence a teen's mindset and self-image

3. Learn tools to support you teen in their struggles

Helping your teen through their misterable years

A speech specifically for parents and teen mentors, this keynote is packed full of real-life tools that will have you walking away with new ideas and hope for how to serve your teen. Full of teen-centered insights, these ideas will give your relationship with your teen a whole new outlook. 

The ABC's of Making Good Decisions


1. Map out the next 5 years of your life

2. The simple way of teaching how to put decisions in perspective

3. Why managing your emotions is vital to making good decisions

4. Understand why our decisions matter now and how to make the most of life choices

Making decisions can be paralyzing because we usually don't know all that our choices will bring. That is why I've broken down how to make good decisions in three easy steps. By learning this three-step method to making good decisions, youth are empowered to take charge of their life and create the future they dream of. Highly entertaining, interactive, and full of stories that your audience will remember for a lifetime. 

Topic: Decision making

Audience: youth ages 10+

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