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  • Abbigale Winslow

Getting Your First Job After College

You've done it. All of those years of hard work and MONEY have paid off! You are a college graduate and now you are off to build your career and leave your mark on the world. But if you've started your job search yet you might notice one tiny little's HARD getting your first job!

I remember facing rejection after rejection. Some jobs, I didn't even make it to the in-person interview. I felt like I was getting lost in the job-list cyber space.

Interview after interview is asking for experience, but you've been at school...and you are now competing with nearly the whole graduating class for the top jobs in the market. It can be a daunting task to land that great first job, and for that reason many college grads get discouraged.

That is why I put together my top tips for getting a career-building job right after you graduate college. In the video below you will learn the skills it is going to take to get your first job. And while it won't be easy, you will be able to have the edge over the competition (i.e. your fellow graduates) after watching this video.

And the silver lining I can give you about this is once you land your first job, getting your second, third, or even switching industries is so much easier! Once you crack the code and get that first job (and valuable "real-application" experience) you will be a job seeking wizard!


Abbi J

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