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Overcoming Everyday Fear and Anxiety

Confession: This week I felt so incredibly OVERWHELMED. I had a million projects I wanted/had to do, work to do, yard work, car troubles, content to create, and somehow fit in some time to be with family. With all those things swirling around in my head and my to-do list looking a mile long, I felt anxious, irritable, and…well overwhelmed.

I think all of us can relate to those feelings. We feel on top of the world and even thrive off of being productive and busy, until we hit our breaking point. And man, I hit mine. So in my mad and frazzled state, I started editing my video for this week. The topic: How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety.

Wow. Talk about a reminder to live what I practice. Working on and watching this week’s video helped ME remember how to turn anxiety and fear into excitement, and how to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

So I am so excited to share this video with you because if you are like me, and regularly feel overwhelmed and anxious this video is for you!

Check it out by clicking the video down below to get these tips that made all the difference this weekend.


Abbi J

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