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  • Abbigale Winslow

How to be Happier with your Life TODAY

Are you happy with your life?

It's a pretty serious question that you probably just instantly thought to yourself, "Yes" or "" For me, the answer right now is YES!! but it wasn't always that way.

Exactly one year ago I remember coming home from a hard shift at work and SOBBING. I hated my job, my future felt bleak, and everything was a giant question mark. I wasn't happy and I didn't know how to be happy with my current situation. It's moments like those that you have to sit back and ask yourself, Why am I NOT happy with my life? Sometimes the answers are obvious: i.e. I hate my job. but sometimes they aren't.

That is why today I am sharing my top 3 tips on how to be happy with your life right now!

This is video 2 of 4 so be sure to hit my video from last week as well about being happy with YOURSELF (the blog post right before this one).

I'm so jazzed about happiness! Here's to you finding yours!



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