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How to Save Money When You're Broke

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE How does that sound? I don't know about you but being financial independent ( i.e. being able to choose to work or not work, no one owning your stuff, or owe anyone anything) is one of my major life goals! Money can be tricky at any age but especially when you are young and just starting out in life because let's face it...we're broke.

Wanting to have money comes down to wanting to live a certain lifestyle. We want to have the things we love, do the things we enjoy, and have time to be with those we care about. This might seem a little weird but being able to do all of those things comes down to how you handle money. I agree, we shouldn't base our lives around money, or focus our sole purpose for working on being rich, but we want to have enough money for the things mentioned above. And if you understand the laws of money, you SHOULD have enough for doing the things you love.

So what gives? Why do some people have more money than others? Why are some people always scrapping rent money together at the end of each month? Why do you feel like money is slipping out of your fingers? Well, I believe it comes down to you and your beliefs about money.

That is why this week I created a video all about how to save money even when you are broke. Because we've all been broke at some point in our lives. It's a good life lesson to learn when we are young though, because I don't know about you, but I don't want to be broke longer than I have to ;)

My goal with this video is to show you that even when you are broke, or not making the money you would like to, you can still achieve your financial goals.

If you watch this video you will learn: 1. That money has "rules" 2. Why you should study money 3. How to make the most of your money 4. Why saving money matters 5. How to save even when you are BROKE If those are things you want to learn, check them out in the video below! Tip number 4 is my favorite tip EVER for both money and fashion! See you on my channel! xoxo, Abbi J

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