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  • Abbigale Winslow

The #1 Skill to be Successful

Have you ever looked at someone you deem successful and thought, "What is your secret?" I know I have! And after thinking about it long and hard I've realized that success isn't a secret, it's a skill. More specifically it is ONE skill. Yes, there are many skills and talents that go into making someone successful but if you don't learn what I call the "ultimate success skill" then chances are excellent you will never be a high achiever. Yep. This one skill is that important.

Yes, I hear you saying, "can success really be as simple as learning one skill?" I would say absolutely! Stop and think about it. Anything you learned from reading to typing, you learned it one small step at a time. The same is true of the skill of being successful. You build that skill experience by experience. And I would argue that the one skill I talk about in my video is the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT success skill to learn.

What is it? Well watch this video to see what the #1 success skill you have to learn is, and how you can use it to succeed at anything and everything you do. Sound to good to be true? It won't after you watch the full video.

I think you will love it!


Abbi J

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