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How to be a more strategic thinker

"Strategic thinking rarely occurs spontaneously." -Michael Porter

Isn't that true? And to be honest, this week I've done a lot of thinking about...well thinking. More specifically STRATEGIC THINKING and why it's one of the buzzwords of the internet.

Everyone wants to be "strategic," and in theory it sounds really good. Whenever I would hear people talking about being more strategic with our company goals, or vision, or day-to-day living, I had the attitude of "sure. Whatever. I'll try it." But really didn't do anything about it. That is until I realized what it means to be strategic!

The dictionary defines being strategic as "relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them." Or "carefully designed or planned to serve a particular purpose or advantage." A mouth full, but SO IMPORTANT.

When I understood strategic as relating to identifying my goals, my aims, my interests and the means of achieving them, things changed. I suddenly understood the buzz behind the word.

So I put "being strategic" into practice. I first started with my day. I carefully thought out what my purpose was each morning and the short list of "most important" things I had to accomplish that day. What happened? It was liberating! I felt so in-charge of my day, and when other emergencies popped up I was able to think through my reaction/decisions carefully since I knew what I had to accomplish that day. It was a small amount of effort that made a huge difference. I suddenly felt like I had a higher view of my life and what mattered for that day. And that was just using one of the tips I learned.

So this week, I have a short (less than 6 min) video about how to become a more strategic thinker. It's 3 tips that I believe will change the way you plan your day, priorities, and goals. So if being someone that is strategic in everything you do sounds right up your alley click on the video below!

See you on my channel!


Abbi J

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