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  • Abbigale Winslow

Cutting out the nonsense

Do you have some NONSENSE in your life? I know that I have struggled with this in the past! It seems that all of us really have to fight to keep what matters most in our lives and DESTROY the nonsense that will creep in if we let it.

And what is nonsense? Anything that detracts from your progress, success and most importantly your happiness.

And while that sounds really simple to see and root out of your isn't. In my coaching career I have found that teens and students struggle with this the very most. Why? A lot of reasons, but mainly we don't know better, we feel incredible pressure to fit in, or we think it's "normal". That's why nonsense is so scary. It will steal your happiness without you even knowing it.

In this week's video I share two stories from my youth that illustrate how I let nonsense steal my joy and what I did (or didn't) do about it. My hope is that by sharing these examples you will be able to identify some areas of nonsense in your own life. And don't be deceived--this doesn't just happen to teens. Adults can put up with nonsense as well.

If you are curious about the nonsense in your life, check out my latest video to some tips on how to cut nonsense out of your life and why it is vital to building a life you love.

Link to NONSENSE video below.



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