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  • Abbigale Winslow

Personal Finance Tips for Teens

MONEY! Now that I have your attention 😜 let's talk about money.

It's something that can make or break your happiness if you let it. So this week I've put together my best tips for teenagers on how to budget and use personal finances to set themselves up for a better future.

Because letzbereal learning how to manage money when you are young is HARD! So I've simplified it into 5 easy steps to take away the confusion and fear of managing your money.

What I've found with my coaching clients is that so many people don't really think about money. Now, yes, you probably spend a lot of time THINKING about money but it's not on how to utilize it. You are thinking of how to spend it. And if you have found yourself in money trouble, you are spending a great chunk of your time thinking about how to get more money.

My goal today is to help set up my younger audience members with the tools that they need to avoid financial problems in the future. TOO MANY of my peers, friends and even family members have gotten themselves stuck in the student debit and loads trap. By using the tips that I have for you today, you can save yourself $1,000 0f dollars.

So click on the video below and leave me a comment on your thoughts about money!

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