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  • Abbigale Winslow

Getting your life back on track

REAL MOMENT: Last month nothing was routine, or "intentional" about my day. My diet was off, my sleeping was off, my outfits were mostly sweat/hoodie combos. Living my best life? Probs not. BUT at least I knew that. I knew that I'd fallen off track when it came to my routines and habits.


We all fall off from time to time, and we need to take a moment and not only recognize what is happening our lives but know it's OKAY 👈👈👈

Our lives go through seasons of change big or small (vacation, new baby, job change, literal season change--you name it!). And depending on where you are right now, some of your habits and routines might need to change with you.


What isn't okay is giving up. That is why this week I focused on the best steps and tips I could give you to get BACK ON ROUTINE and GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER.


Because while it's fun to take a break (and sometimes really needed), we have routines for a reason. So here are the 5️⃣ tips I used to get my life back on track.

When you get to this video leave me a comment on what you are going to get back on track TODAY! Because letzbereal, ALL OF US have at least one area of our life that has slipped a little bit from where we want to be.

Right now I'm working on getting back to my healthy diet. It's a process :)

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