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  • Abbigale Winslow

What to do after your boyfriend breaks up with you

On our way to finding and develop lasting relationships we have to inevitably go through the dreaded BREAKUP


Today's video is for all of my babes out there that need a little guidance on what to do after a breakup because I'll be so honest right now...

All of these tips I learned the HARD WAY.

What is it about love that is so complex and hard? I remember being so devastated whenever I was broken up with. I mean, you have to admit that someone telling you "I don't like you anymore" could break anyone's heart.

BUT I am a firm believer that despite breakups being hard because of the rejection factor, they don't have to be harder/more painful than necessary. You always have a choice, and you can choose to take the steps necessary to get your life, heart, and self-esteem back on track.


No, but so so so so so so so worth it!

Here are my top tips for you on getting over a breakup.

So let me save you some time, hurt, and pain by sharing these tips.

Check them out here or on my channel!

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