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  • Abbigale Winslow

Foreboding Joy

When was the last time you felt incredibly happy?

Was it easy to find that memory?

Or was it hard?

When were you incredibly happy? A long time ago, or yesterday?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer but taking a moment to think about when the last time you were incredibly happy can show you a lot about yourself and your lifestyle.

My suggestion for you this week is not to wait to be incredibly happy. Don’t bottle it up and “save” happiness for a really good moment.

Allow yourself to be happy today. Brene Brown coined a term called “Foreboding Joy”. In layman’s terms that is constantly living in a “dress rehearsal for tragedy” or preparing for the worst even when things are good.

Example: Not celebrating a win with your team because you aren’t sure if the next project will work out.

How do you avoid this? Gratitude and practice. I know for me, I’m not great at living in the moment. I’m always 10 steps ahead in my mind and thus I don’t always allow myself to experience the joy and happiness I should in every moment.

I actually have to practice being present and allowing myself to be incredibly happy RIGHT NOWT with NO additional conditions attached.

So if you find that you are saving your happiness for a “perfect” moment, start today by giving yourself permission to be happy (with no strings attached).

Hope your Monday is amazing.


Abbi J

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