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Bad Day Repellent

“I’m just trying my best”

Have you ever thought that when you feel like NOTHING is going right?

YEP. Been there. I sometimes call those days I’m-going-to-cry-my-eyes-out-and-it’s-only-10am-days.

The goal with those type of days is to reduce and recontrol. Let me explain…


I don’t know about you, but I’d like as few bad days as possible. Can I avoid them 100% of the time, no. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. But I can choose to take control of my life and do all the things to set myself up for great days. What are “all the things”? Glad you asked.

It’s choosing happiness. It’s waking up with a good attitude. It’s having routines that set you up for success. It’s not allowing yourself to adopt OTHER’S emotions. It’s owning your own expectations. Weeding out the negative, toxic, and distracting from your life. All the things that are easier said than done, but so important. So if you are finding that your “bad days” are outweighing your good days, take a look at some methods of reducing those.

Here is a video or two on a few more ideas for you:


When I’m having a “nothing is going right” day I honestly try to take a step back and assess where I lost control of my emotions. Usually it’s a long list of reasons. Someone was rude. My project didn’t go as planned. I was disappointed. Something unexpected happened. Without fail my reasons always come back to a loss of control. Control of my emotions, a situation, or expectation.

That is when you have to stop and gain control over the only thing you can: YOU.

Take a walk. Count your blessings. Move your body. Leave the situation. Try again. Pray. Call a trusted friend to vent. Rethink the plan. Do what it takes to feel more in control of yourself, the situation and your emotions. (A common phrase I use is: I am OKAY).

Sounds simple but it takes a lot of self-discipline to try this out. In the moment you aren’t going to want to do something about it. Sometimes I’m so mad I just want to be mad. But try out one of the methods I suggested above (or something that has worked for you in the past) and put it to work.

You will be amazed at the ideas and inspiration that comes when you are actively trying to take control of yourself and the overwhelming situations you find yourself in.

So my friend, if you like me have had your fair share of bad days, I hope these tips help you out.

I use them ALL THE TIME. Do they always work? Only when I let them. Sometimes I just want to cry and honestly that is okay too. Just as soon as you are done try one way to reduce or recontrol and see the wonders they can do for your “bad day” count.


Abbi J

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