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  • Abbigale Winslow

10 tips to simplifying your life

Don't we all want a simpler life? Not "Little House on the Prairie" simple, but simple in our purpose, our daily tasks and our values?

I've spent the last two months in the throngs of being a new mom and I've realized something profound: Being a mom is simple. It's ME that gets in the way.

Technically speaking all I have to do is love my child, feed him, change him and protect him. Simple. But is it always that simple, no.

With that in mind, I've taken a look at my own life and thought about why simplifying is so important. Here is my quick list on that: WHY SIMPLIFY?

1. For mental sanity

2. For more peace

3. For more focus

4. For more time

I don't know about you, but all of those things are what I'm aiming for. So in my quest to simplify my life I've found 10 tips that have helped me so far. Some of these tips I've used for YEARS and some of them are new to me but have already helped me tremendously. I talk about all of these tips in my video this week called "Simplify your life in 10 easy steps".

And before you dismiss this video I want to let you know the greatest aspect I have found to simplification: more joy.

Because when it comes down to it I want to fill my life with joy, and simplifying my life to the things that bring me joy or give me more time for joy is what I'm all about.

So here is to a simpler more intentional life!


Abbi J

Check out that video here:

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