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  • Abbigale Winslow

10 adulting tips for young women

When was the first time you felt like an adult?

For me, it was when I paid for my own car insurance (which sucked!).

Being an adult/adulting/ can all be a little overwhelming. Technically speaking, 18 is when society views us as "adults", but I would argue I'm just now in my late twenties, understanding what it means to be an adult.

I can think of at least 10 moments in my life when I've thought to myself "Wait, I was suppose to do that?" Those moments feel awful. They make you feel stupid and often cost you money or time (or both). Such was the case when I was asked for an old tax return that I didn't know I was suppose to keep. Or when I found out that internships really mattered. Or when I realized too late you shouldn't ignore the buttons that go off in your car.

These are just a few of the hard "adulting" moments that we have in life that can really sting. Thankfully, there is so much knowledge and advice out there on "adulting." That is why I wanted to put together a video today called "10 Adulting tips for young women" in the hopes that someone could watch this video and be spared some of the embarrassment and frustration I experiences learning to "adult".

So check out my 10 adulting tips and let me know some of your own!

P.S My little sister watched this video while I was editing it and laughed out loud for tip #10 and then said "I better write that on my forehead."

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