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  • Abbi Winslow

How we turn away blessings from God


That is the topic we are covering today, and it's one that is at the center of my heart.

God is merciful. God is good. God is loving, and God WANTS to bless us. Yet, we sometimes feel that God is distant or that answers to our problems aren't coming.

Sometimes this is because there is something we need to learn, or timing needs to be worked out, or that we aren't quite ready for the answer juuuuussst yet.

But sometimes we get in the way of our own blessings. We don't mean to but if we aren't careful we can overlook answers to our prayers right in front of us.

One way we do this is when we don't listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. These are moments when we have reoccurring thoughts, we feel good about something or even stumble upon an opportunity we didn't see coming. These promptings could be the start of a major blessing God has in store for you. BUT it's up to us.

In all of these situations, God has laid out the potential for an answer to our prayers or blessings or a life change but it is up to us to take that chance. It's up to us to listen and act.

So this week as you work on receiving more answers to your prayers and more blessings from God in your life, try to listen and act on the thoughts and feelings you have from the Holy Ghost regardless if they make sense, or seem like the right answer.

Check out the other two mistakes that keep blessings away from us in my video this week:

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