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The Ultimate

High School


If you are looking for a way to instantly improve your high school experience and grow your self-worth and confidence in the process, look no further. 

Let's be real...


Of teens say they are stressed all of the time


Top worries:

  • Time management

  • Getting good grades

  • Friends  



Of teens aren't getting the sense of social connection they want at school

high school can be one of the hardest and most trying parts of young adulthood. 

All of us want to be popular, liked, get good grades, and find the perfect balance between school and the rest of life...


but where do you learn THAT? 

I believe all of us have the ability to make high school an incredible springboard to your own personal success.

Because high school (unlike common belief) is not a place to lose yourself and get eaten by a social jungle, but A TOOL TO HELP YOU GET AHEAD IN LIFE.

The Ultimate High School Guide offers you the inside scope to all of the areas of high school we don't talk about but desperately need to know. 

Areas like:

  • Popularity

  • Dating

  • Fitting in 

  • Recovering from social disasters

  • Setting clear boundaries 

  • Planning your life AFTER high school



The details:


Digital-download PDF


Bonus Worksheets


Chapters & Skill Learnings


Easy to Read Pages

a digital PDF (chuck full of so many bonus materials I just couldn't stop myself!) that will walk you through the next 30 days to changing your high school experience for the better.

This guide is for you if you have ever:

  • been made-fun-of and not sure how to respond

  • wanted to be more liked and respected by your peers

  • cried because of how your friends have treated you

  • been confused by the social stresses of high school

The best part about this high school guide is that whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior this guide will teach you the skills and tools you need to be successful at reducing your stress, feeling more connected, and finding the balance you crave. 

I can promise you that without a doubt and no matter where you are on the scale of high school drama this guide will change your school experience for the better.

So what exactly 

is it...

but...why listen to me?


You already know I'm a certified life coach, youth motivational speaker and have reached over 100K teens through my YouTube videos but here is what you might not know...

Before I was 22 I...

  • Graduated college 2 years early (Magna Cume Laude)

  • Found the love of my life 

  • Doubled my income 

  • Bought my first rental property 

All by using the tools I teach in this guide.


YEP, this guide will set you up for life outside of high school too. 

" I love this guide! It completely changed my confidence game with one chapter."

-Daphne A., high school senior

High school guide buy

Teens & parents can't get enough...


A.M, high school Senior

Omggg thank you for this, like, genuinely. I'm am going back to school as a senior next year and these tips helped me so much! I don't feel as lost when it comes to school and my friends. I have a game plan now and it makes me feel more confident.


Karin Nelson, Mom of 2 high school teens

As the mom of a high schooler, Abbi's high school guide is a life saver. High school can be a hard place to navigate for teens and this guide is the perfect way for my daughter to work through her thoughts each day, set goals for the whole year, and know how to follow through. With Abbi's guide my daughter has everything she needs to set herself up for an amazing school experience.


Alysha Foad, high school Sophomore

This guide helped me so much. I sometimes don't know what to do to be more social and have more friends but this guide helped me know what to do. I started trying the tips Abbi shared and it WORKED!

To recap everything you get...

for just $27. 

I get asked this a lot so let me answer your question:

YES! This really is that cheap. 

WHY? It is simple. I want to reach and help the most teens possible because the results are real and worth every effort. 

1 Digital Download

After purchasing you will receive your digital download immediately to start reading today. You are more than welcome to print it out if you want, but don't need to. 


Your guide includes daily "homework" and I've included print-friendly options for you to use over and over again. 

30 Life-changing skills

This guide is easy to read and shares an outline for the next 30 days for you to follow. 

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