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Elevate: Your Life, Your Way
Elevate: Your Life, Your Way
May 04, 2019, 3:00 PM
Excel Dance Studios
As women our goal is simple: work, take care of family, raise good kids, put food on the table, foster healthy relationships, pay the bills--okay, so many it ISN'T that simple. That is what ELEVATE is all about: helping you design a life you love while keeping your sanity.

Meet the Team

Karin Nelson

I’m a life coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. My goal is to show you how to live the Badass life you were meant to live. It’s your life…go live it! I teach women how to be successful, productive and independent so you can be the person you were meant to be.

Abbi Winslow

I’m a wife, mamma-to-be, Youtuber and happiness coach. I teach women how to add more joy into their lives through teaching personal development skills, relationships tools, and insights into how to embrace and utilize your own amazingness. 

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