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Time: Value vs. Fluff

Today I posted a new video on my YouTube channel AJ Life Hacks that is all about time management (I will include a link at the bottom of this post). I share three tips in that video about how to pack more into your 24 hours of time with little effort and max benefits. We all want more time and it’s scary to think that whether we use our time wisely or not, it’s gone. While I do mention some amazing tips and have more time management tips to come next week in another video, I don’t mention something equally as important: How do you know if how you are using your time wisely? Everyone’s to-do list can be a mile high and you can run around all day working frantically, but did you accomplish something of value? I have two ideas to help you answer that question and make sure that you are adding VALUE to your life, not just


Being honest, I have always struggled with the dilemma of doing things of value and just being busy. I can fly around like a zooming bee all day long, but when my head hits the pillow at night and I think back on my day, there could be hardly anything of lasting value that I’ve done. So how do you know when something is important? Or is it just urgent? Or even necessary to get done? Start by asking yourself some questions.

Is what I am doing today going to matter in 10 years?

I don’t want you to spend a good amount of time (precious time I’m sure) pondering, but if you are really wanting to add value to your to-do list, quickly ask yourself if this task, job, opportunity, or event will matter in 10 years. Working really hard in school? Yes. Spending time with family and close friends? Yes. Putting in some extra hours for a raise? Yes. Developing a new skill (or maintain one)? Yes.

Okay, what about mundane tasks that pile up every day? They are just as important in their own way. Taking time to play with a child? OF COURSE. Doing the dishes and keeping a clean house? Yes. Redoing your bathroom? Yes. Taking the time to research a good purchase? Yes.

All of these things matter because they shape the surroundings of your life. A clean house matters for bringing peace of mind, and order to your environment. Investing in your future via home remodeling, yard work, buying high ticket items wisely, all matter. And it’s important to know that they do.

So you have probably two piles in your head right now. The things in your day that you could answer YES to and the things that are MAYBE or even NO. What about those things? Ask yourself this question:

How often do I do them?

This is vital to helping you utilize your time while at the same time maximizing the value of your day. It’s okay to binge watch your favorite movies, sometimes. It’s okay to go to dinner with casual friends. It’s okay to go on vacation and sleep all day on the beach (heaven, right?), but not all the time. While it’s easy to fantasize about how amazing it would be to do these things all day every day, it would quickly leave us feeling unmotivated and our time vanished. That’s why the way you spend your time that is more leisurely needs to be in moderation. If your answer to this question reveals that you spend more time making Pintress boards then you do doing things of value, something has to change.

I want to be clear that you don’t have to cut these things out of your life. You just have to be disciplined about your time.

I love watching documentaries and YouTube videos on a variety of subjects. But to make sure they aren’t taking away from the value of my time, I “double” them up, so to speak. I will have my phone playing a movie or documentary while I clean, cook, or fold laundry. Your car can become a portal of value if you listen to audio cassette tapes while you drive. There are so many ways to make everything fit if you put the things of value in first. So get creative! Life was meant to be abundant.

Time is ticking by, and I don’t want to waste any of yours, so here is the link to my video on three tips to master your time. Don’t forget to always be asking yourself questions and to understand how valuable your time is.


Abbi J

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