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How to NOT be Intimidated

Is it a universal law that someone always has to be better than you at something? It sure can seem like that. We all get intimidated. We want to be more like (and secretly hate) the girl that is more talented, is smarter, cooks better, has a boyfriend, got straight A’s, has a high up job, makes more money, or even is just better looking. But if we let intimidation stop us from doing our best and reaching for our goals then we don’t have much to go for. Intimidation can stop us in our tracks, allow us to self-sabotage, and plain old destroy our confidence.

It can seem that intimidation is unavoidable however, here are three ways to stop intimidation in its tracks.

1. Keep the Focus on You

No, not everyone else focus on you, YOU focus on you. Sometimes it is good to assess the competition but if that is going to make you feel intimidated then keep your focus glued to you. This is my favorite tool to use again intimidation because I can’t do anything about them, but I can do everything about me. Keep in mind too that everyone—EVERYONE has to start somewhere. Don’t compare your first watercolor painting to Da Vinci.

2. Put Your Best Foot Forward

One way to zap intimidation in the bud is to remind yourself that you are pretty dang talented yourself. Whether it’s for fun, career, or competition, you are in this position for a reason. You already have the skills, training, determination and creativity to succeed if you try. So make sure that you put forth your effort and give it your best shot. There is nothing more comforting than giving your all and holding nothing back. While you might not have the same qualifications or characteristics as the individuals you are feeling intimidated by, you do have your best to give and only you can give it.

3. Use Intimidation to Motivate You

If anything let the fact that you are intimidated motivate you to create a good and healthy change in your life. Is there a skill you wish you had, a trait you want, or talent you want to develop? Good! Let others inspire you to improve yourself and set new goals. Life is an equal playing field and if you are willing to pay the price you can work towards the new goals you set for yourself.

It’s hard not to feel intimidated, and we shouldn’t sugar coat the feelings of inadequacy that can come with it. Being intimidated by others is a real obstacle to overcome when we are trying to achieve our goals. However, if you can learn to follow these three steps you can learn to make intimidation work in your favor. Above all, don’t ever lose sight of how incredible you are.


Abbi J

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