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The Law of Attraction: Get what you want

This week I shared a video on The Law of Attraction. If you know little about the Law of Attraction or have vaguely heard of it, it can sound a little strange. That’s why in this post I wanted to share with you what the Law of Attraction even is and more importantly how it will radically change your life.

The Law of Attraction is actually a simply principle. It’s the idea that what you continually think about, do, and want will manifest itself into your life. This can be as simple as you want to bring more joy and happiness into your life. It can be as complex as trying to change career paths. It works in all different types of situations. Why does it work? Because you are putting the power of your mind into action.

What we continually think about we are. When we let the world know what we want, we cue our minds and the Universe into the same thought channel. We start to see the new car we want to buy EVERYWHERE. We have more wonderful things happen to us. We see people with the item we want to purchase at the grocery store. It sounds a little magical, and it is, except minus the make-believe part.

Think about it this way…when was the last time you had a really bad day? Did one thing after the next keep going from bad to worse? That is due partially to you attracting those bad events into your day. It isn’t that we want these things, but we think about them and just by worrying over what might happen we bring it into our reality. The best thing to do in these situations is to focus on the positive and to put out the good energy you want coming back into your day.

So now that you know what the Law of Attraction is, how do we use it on a daily basis? Well it starts with a thought. Start thinking about what you want out of life. Take the time to actually write a list of some of the goals and aspirations you want to achieve in the next week, month, and year.

Then it comes down to making sure you are aligning your thoughts with your actions. This step is vital to maximizing the effect of the Law of Attraction. While we are always attracting things into our lives we can speed up the process and use it in our favor. It’s the equivalent of going from swimming across the stream to swimming with the current. For more tips on how to change your life by tapping into the Law of Attraction check out the link to my video for 3 more tips.


Abbi J

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