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How to Avoid Negative People and their Feedback

I get it. Negative people have got you all worried and fearful about your dreams and what you are really passionate about. It's like they don't understand and all you want to do is avoid them. I HEAR YOU! But the sad thing is that most of us don't know how to tactfully avoid negative people. That is why this video, How to Avoid Negative People TIPS FOR TAKING ADVICE FROM OTHERS was made with you in mind.

You are a go-getter but all the time people want to give you advice and you don't know how to take it because it's mostly negative. It can be hard to understand why someone doesn't understand or "get" your passion or dream. They might be someone really important to you (i.e. a family member, a SO, or a dear friend). And even though they only have negative or horrible stats to say about your dream, you still love and want them in your life. Totally understandable. But why is that? Why do some of the people you meet seem so hung up on everything that could go wrong with your vision of the future?

Well, it could be a couple things:

1. They truly don't get it

Some people won't see the world the way you do. That's okay. That is why you could hate everything yellow and to another person, it's their favorite color. Differences add diversity and flavor to life. But when it comes to a difference of opinion on your dreams and goals, you need to ask yourself this: Am I asking a baker how to make bricks? Might sound a little strange but when you want to learn how to make bread (or start a business, or lose weight, or accomplish your goal of being a rock-star) you go to a baker, aka someone who has done it and does it well. (More on this in my video below)

2. They are jealous

Okay, this point can come across a little harsh but deep down inside all of us is this fear that is Sally Joe down the street is better at something than me, that makes me less successful or less of an accomplished individual. It sounds silly on paper, but we see it all the time. We say mean things or tear others down for "no reason" but the real reason is we secretly wish we had the freedom of their new job, their style, or the possibility of great change.

3. They don't want you to get hurt

This point really hits home when it is someone really close to you that seems to be putting down your ambitions. The bottom line is they are worried and scared that you might get hurt. That you might be disappointed. That life might knock you down. Their concern comes from a genuine place but it's a little misguided. Just know that when you figure someone is suggesting negative feedback from this fear of your getting hurt, that you need to just take it with a loving heart. They just care about you, but they might not understand that real growth starts at the edge of your comfort zone.

When it comes to avoiding negative people I hope these quick points will help you navigate the tricky (and emotionally charged) area of feedback on your dreams. Check out my video below for some more points on how to tactfully avoid negative people and how you can take advice like a pro.


Abbi J

See you on my channel!


Abbi J

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