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What do do when you feel stuck in life

Feeling behind in life?

You woke up one day this week and thought why am I feeling stuck in life? And what do I do about it?! First, BREATH. And Second, watch this video: What to Do When You Feel Stuck in Life!

I think we've all had this moment of feeling stuck in life and don't know what to do. So in this video, my goal is to offer the tips and inspiration you need to find your break through and give you every tool you need to get "unstuck" in life and defeat that feeling of being behind. But what is it exactly that gives us that feeling of being "stuck" in life. Well, glad you asked!

We tend to feel stuck in life or unhappy with our circumstances when our vision of ourself isn't congruent with our actual self. This can happen in big and small ways. Dramatic realizations of not being congruent with your goals or vision of your life are sometimes called a "midlife crisis." I will never forget watching my Dad had a (mini) midlife crisis.

It was his 40th birthday and he was at first excited and then...sad. He was 40 and, in his opinion, not where he thought he would be at this stage of his life. He wanted to be a millionaire, have the house paid off, and have a thriving business. And reality was hitting that he was 40 and not close to any of those things. So commenced a day of half-hearted celebrating and moping around the house.

That is until my Grandma (his mother) came over and set him straight on a few things. She reminded him of what we did have (a beautiful family, 5 kids, a lovely house, and a great job), and that age was just a number. My dad really took her words to heart and was able to snap himself out of his birthday crisis.

While my dad was able to pick himself up out of the funk, it sometimes it's that easy for the rest of us. That is why I have condensed down all of the tips to get yourself "unstuck" and back feeling like a goal-crushing rock star you are!

This week's video is less than 10 minutes long and if you apply just one of these tips you will DRASTICALLY see a difference in your perception of your life.

Click on the video below to watch right now!

See you on my channel!


Abbi J

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