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How to deal with a bully at school

Have you been bullied in the past? Or maybe you are being bullied right now. I would argue that ALL OF US, (every single person) has been bullied at some time in their life. Bullying, teasing, making fun of, hurting (emotionally and physically) is NEVER okay. And even when we know bullying is bad, we still sometime struggle to know the best ways to take care of the bullying problem. So that is why this week I focused on a video that teaches anti-bullying tips and bullying solutions.

After watching this video you will know not only how to deal with a bully at school but how to be part of protecting others from being bullied.

So check it out by following the link below and when you are on my Youtube channel (AJ Life Hacks) be sure to share this video so we can share the message of bullying solutions and anti-bullying tips!

Can't wait to see you on my channel!

-Abbi J

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