• Abbi Winslow

Are you a dreamer or a doer?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself:

Am I a dreamer or a doer?

And while I do like to daydream and think about my future, it is CRAZY important to be sure that you are a DOER. Let me tell you why. A Doer turns their dreams into reality, and that is what we all want, right? So here are a few questions for you to ask yourself to check-in and be sure you are on the "doer" side of things:

Do I set goals or just have ideas? Am I waiting for something to happen in my life before I start? Am I focused on right now or the future? Do I prioritize my goals correctly?

If your head is spinning? Don't worry. In my latest video, I break down why these questions matter and how figuring out the correct answer can help you turn your dreams into reality.

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