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How to Avoid Decision Fatigue


Have you heard of that philosophy before?

Probs not...because I made it up 😅

The Stoplight Method is a personal development tool that will help you with DECISION FATIGUE!

You have experienced decision fatigue if you have ever felt:

-overwhelmed at the end of the day

-paralyzed to make simple choices (like what to eat for dinner)

-frustrated over what to wear today

or feel anxious when facing decisions.

Our mental capacity to be creative, to find solutions, and make decisions is one of our most valuable commodities. We have to protect our mental energy and the Stoplight Method will teach you how to do that easily and quickly.

The video this week comes with a challenge to try the Stoplight Method for 1 week and see how it goes.

I know if you try this you will see INSTANT results and be hooked on this method of protecting your mental energy and clarity.

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