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How to know if you need to talk to your Bishop

When do you need to go talk to your bishop about something you've done, and when can you just handle it between you and God?

This video dives into the standards in the For Strength of Youth and has tips for Latter Day Saint youth on why and what do you need to confess to your bishop when it comes to repentance.

*It is really important to note, that while I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and all of my tips are based on the For Strength of Youth pamphlet and articles on the Church's website, the thoughts shared in this video are completely my own and are not official church policy in any way.

When it comes to knowing when you need to confess to your bishop, the Holy Ghost will be your guide.

My goal is to provide a resource and possibly an extra push for anyone that needs to talk to the Bishop. Satan makes it seem like the most daunting thing you will ever do. That everyone will find out, that the Bishop will think less of you and that you aren't worthy to pray.

None of that is true. The reality I'm finally realizing is that when we own up to our mistakes, take the proper steps to repent, and do so sincerely, that we take away Satan's power to discourage us.

So this video is to help anyone struggling with the guilt of sin.

Sending you love my friends!

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