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What to do when you are fighting with your BFF

When I was in jr. high, my best friend and I went from the perfect "story-book" friendship of two BFFs against the world to being pulled apart by life.

It was devastating, to say the least.

It made me feel alone and like there was something wrong with me.

Maybe you have felt the same way if you have struggled with your best friend and are wondering who to save that relationship.

Well, I am thrilled to tell you that I saved my relationship with my BFF thanks to the 6 friendship tips that I have for you in this video.

So here are 6 of my best friend advice for teens tips on what to do when you are fighting with your BFF.

These friendship tips for teens will help you when you are having a tough time with your best friend, I PROMISE. #highschooltips#friendshipadviceforteens

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